Open Vertical Platform Lifts

Open Platform Lift are lifts that can be installed in internal or external locations and are typically used to provide access between two levels for persons with mobility impairments where use of the stairs or steps is not possible. These lifts can be installed to help achieve Part M Compliance.

Our Vertical Platform Lifts can accommodate changes in level from 600 mm up to 3000 mm in commercial and domestic environments and are specifically designed to reduce or eliminate  the need for alterations to existing buildings. The open type design offers a neat and aesthetically pleasing solution with a brushed stainless steel finish as option.

This Platform lift provides a safe and easy way to gain access to a property where stairs would otherwise prevent wheelchair access and is designed to give customers choice and flexibility.

Technical Specifications.

Our Platform Lift is a space saving and cost effective way to provide access for everyone to your home or workplace.
These lifts come with a 24-month warranty, as standard, and we offer a range of maintenance and service options, which can be tailored to suit your specific requirements.

User group – Ambulant and wheelchair users.

Suitability for – internal or external use.

Vertical Travel – From 600 mm up to 3000 mm.

Number stops –  2

Maximum capacity – 400 kg

Platform size – 1100 x 1400 (standard).

External dimensions –  1300 x 1770 mm (standard).

Gate – 950 x 1100 mm with auto closers.

Cabin height – 1100 mm.

Drive type – Belt.

Power –  220-240 V, 1 phase, 25A, 50 Hz.
                  380-400 V 3 phase, 16A, 50 Hz.

Lighting – Controls illuminated.

Safety edge –  Safety edge-under platform proximity sensors.

Handrail – Integrated to lift cabin (on both sides)

Machine room – Integral to guide rails.

Floor – Anti slip rubber (Anti slip diamond plate for outdoor version).

Colour – RAL 9006 (White aluminium)


Platform Floor dimension                         900mm x 1100mm.
                                                               1000mm x1100mm.
                                                               1100mm x1100mm. 
                                                                900mm x 1400mm.
                                                                1000mm x 1400mm.

Gate                                      Automatic upper gate.
                                                Automatic lower gate.

Control                              Configurable control side.
                                               Dual control on the platform.
                                               Auto dialer on the platform.
                                               Remote control.
                                               Braille on the control.

Safety                                Automatic emergency lowering device.

Finish                                Painted in any RAL colour.
                                             Brushed stainless steel.